Large coverage on small foundations with the Coro 'braced hypar'

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The Coro provides the largest coverage on the smallest foundations. The Coro is an elegant looking solution where ground space is limited or restricted with existing underground services.

Technically termed a ‘braced hypar’ the hyperbolic shape of the sail is actually created using two separate triangular sails fixed to the concaved boom joining the two low masts. This boom helps to minimise the large overturning moments usually associated with big hyper free-form sails. The look of a hyper is be retained and the loadings from the canopy are largely contained within the steel framework and not transferred to the foundations.

The Coro is available in three pre-designed and engineered sizes but also be customised to your sizes and requirements.

They can also be supplied with integrated lights, heaters, a water capture & drainage system and additional side walls.

Uses for this range:

Covered Seating

Event / Stage Canopy

Courtyard Canopy

Event / Stage Canopy

Made in United Kingdom


Plan Dimensions (m)Heights (m)


  • Designed for permanent year-round use
  • Fully engineered to the latest Standards & Regulations


  • Long lasting canopies with life expectancies of up to 25 years.
  • Shelter and shade using waterproof and UV blocking fabric
  • All fabrics are fire rated
  • Huge range of fabric options and colours


  • Structural grade S355 mild steel for supporting frame work
  • Steel can be galvanised, powder coated (or both) to any RAL
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel for tensioning systems, cables and canopy hardware


  • Always by our professional and CRB checked installers


  • We can install foundations for you or provide a layout to your chosen ground worker


  • All structures come with a 10 year warranty
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