A conic and hypar collaboration for those who want the best of both worlds.

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Like the graceful swoop of a bird, the open wings of Bora make a sensational structure for entrances, walkways or seating areas.

When you cross a tensile fabric conic with a hypar, you can’t help but get something very special. From just one central mast, Bora gives incredible coverage and will style it out in any location. It’s a great way to make an entrance welcoming, provide a really usable event space or seating area – or just provide areas of shade in exposed spots.

Available in pre-designed and pre-engineered sizes from 5m x 5m up to 7m x 7m, the square dimensions of Bora make it easy to incorporate into your site design. And it’s made from waterproof and UV blocking fabric that comes in a brilliant range of colours – and can also be branded with logos or large graphics. With the ability to add lights, heaters and even a water-capture system, this is a highly versatile structure.

How about going even bigger? Our Double Bora can take you right up to 14m x 7m – or talk to us about having something similar produced to your exact requirements.

Perfect for:

Performance and Events Space

Covered Seating or Dining Area

Entrance Canopy


Playground Shelter

Made in United Kingdom


Plan Dimensions (m)Heights (m)


  • Designed for permanent year-round use
  • Fully engineered to the latest Standards & Regulations


  • Long lasting canopies with life expectancies of up to 25 years.
  • Shelter and shade using waterproof and UV blocking fabric
  • All fabrics are fire rated
  • Huge range of fabric options and colours


  • Structural grade S355 mild steel for supporting frame work
  • Steel can be galvanised, powder coated (or both) to any RAL
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel for tensioning systems, cables and canopy hardware


  • Always by our professional and CRB checked installers


  • We can install foundations for you or provide a layout to your chosen ground worker


  • All structures come with a 10 year warranty
Want to discuss your requirements? Contact us to discuss the options.