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Drone view of two Cranfield University tensile fabric structures amindst campus buildings and a vibrant piazza, formerly a car park turned pedestrian area.

Innovative Tensile Structures at Cranfield University: Enhancing Campus Life

At Cranfield University, discover our three state-of-the-art 18m x 12m ‘Double Sahara’ Tensile Fabric Structures.

Designed and engineered for year-round use, these structures provide waterproof outdoor coverage for staff and students, offering an ideal space for dining, meetings, socialising, and collaborative work.

Proudly hand crafted with care and precision in the UK, each structure features a robust S355 mild steel frame with a stylish anthracite grey powdercoated finish and high-quality Serge Ferrari 942 fabric canopies in a sophisticated grey hue.

The use of marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware, cables, and membrane plates, ensures durability and a sleek aesthetic. The double conical form, accentuated by polycarbonate domes atop each conic, enhances natural light levels beneath the canopies.

These versatile structures go beyond daylight hours; integrated lights create a warm ambiance, extending their functionality into the night.

Experience Cranfield University’s commitment to providing an inviting, practical, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Explore our innovative tensile fabric structures designed for the modern student lifestyle.

Some fabulous drone footage and pictures, courtesy of David Millington can be seen below:

Installation was carried out by our own inhouse engineers including foundations.

Project price: £165,000

Drone view of two Cranfield University tensile fabric structures amindst campus buildings and a vibrant piazza, formerly a car park turned pedestrian area.

Transforming Spaces: Aerial view of Cranfield University’s modern fabric structures seamlessly blending with existing buildings, surrounded by a lively piazza turned pedestrian haven.

Vibrant Campus Life: People seated at tables beneath Cranfield University's tensile fabric structures, enjoying the dynamic outdoor atmosphere.

Seated beneath the stylish canopies, students create a lively atmosphere at Cranfield University’s outdoor gathering spaces.

Captivating Perspective: Close-up view looking up through the polycarbonate dome atop Cranfield University's tensile fabric structure.

A mesmerizing close-up, inviting you to gaze through the intricate polycarbonate dome crowning Cranfield University’s innovative fabric structure.

Aerial Precision: High-level plan view drone shot capturing Cranfield University's singular tensile fabric structure, revealing the perfectly formed membrane, polycarbonate domes, and a striking shadow cast to the right.

From above, witness the meticulous design of Cranfield University’s singular tensile fabric structure, where form, membrane precision, and the play of shadows create a visual masterpiece.

Architectural Synergy: Drone perspective capturing Cranfield University's tensile fabric structure adjacent to a modern glass building, showcasing a harmonious blend of innovation and contemporary design.

From a drone’s vantage point, witness the graceful coexistence of Cranfield University’s tensile fabric structure alongside a sleek modern glass building.

Illuminated Elegance: Ground-level view capturing Cranfield University's lit tensile fabric structure at night. Uplighters on masts create a mesmerizing glow, reflecting and diffusing light from the fabric's underside and polycarbonate domes.

Bathed in the soft radiance of strategically placed uplighters, Cranfield University’s tensile fabric structure becomes a luminous spectacle at ground level, with light play through the polycarbonate domes.

Craftsmanship in Action: Local fabrication of Cranfield University's steel structure. A skilled welder, smiling as he positions a column using an overhead gantree crane. Background showcases a fabrication shop with another welder at work, their sparks illuminating the space

Meet the artisans behind Cranfield University’s steel structure. A skilled welder, smiling and using an overhead gantry crane, carefully positions a column for welding. In the background, our fabrication shop comes to life with sparks as another welder contributes to the creation of this architectural masterpiece.

Engineering Excellence: Precision installation of a tensile structure by Tensile Fabric Structures Ltd.'s skilled team at Cranfield University. Our engineers, committed to health and safety, work with a crane, MEWP, cherry pickers, and a telehandler. One engineer in a MEWP bolting steel, while others on the ground examine drawings

At the forefront of innovation, Tensile Fabric Structures Ltd.’s skilled engineers bring Cranfield University’s vision to life with the meticulous installation of a tensile structure. From a crane to cherry pickers and a telehandler, our team ensures precision at every step. Witness our engineer in a MEWP securing steel, while others on the ground collaborate on drawings – a testament to Tensile Fabric Structures Ltd.’s commitment to excellence.

Side view of Cranfield University's tandem tensile fabric structures, showcasing a unique perspective with the second structure elegantly positioned beneath the closer one.

A captivating side view reveals the seamless integration of two innovative tensile fabric structures at Cranfield University, where design meets perspective.