Sahara Range

Tensile fabric conics with huge coverage

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Sahara Range

The conic shape of the Sahara range is a classic tensile fabric structure form.

Much of the appeal of the Sahara lies with its flexible sizing and adaptable modular design, allowing it to span large areas with minimal supporting columns. Multiple structures are often linked to cover even larger areas and to create a striking fabric architectural feature.

The Sahara is available in pre-designed and engineered single conic and double conic configurations and a large range of standard sizes.

We also offer a bespoke design service should the Sahara need to be adapted to fit your dimensions, or is required as a triple or quad conic.

All of our Tensile Structures are fully engineered and come with a 10-year warranty.

Structures in the Sahara range are often used as entrance canopies, playground shelters, covered seating in public spaces, walkways and stages.

Perfect for:

Entrance Canopies

Playground Shelters

Covered Seating



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