Cleaning & Maintenance

Peace of mind, now and in the years ahead

Climbing on canopy for maintenance work

As you might have gathered by now, we’re not the sort of company to handle a project and disappear into the mist. Once your structure is installed, we’ll still be around to help you keep it clean and safely maintained, so you can make the most of our 10-year warranty. Even if we didn’t design your structure, you can still ask us to check it and look after it for you.

By its very nature, fabric is an organic substance – and while our structures are designed and engineered to take everything the British weather can throw at them, without proper maintenance they may become unsafe or damaged – or just not perform as well as they did when first installed.

To keep your fabric structure in tip-top condition, now and for many years to come, and to give you peace of mind that it’s absolutely safe, we recommend an annual maintenance package. Each package can be tailored exactly to your structure and building, so you only pay for what you need.

As part of your bespoke maintenance package, we’ll completely service and clean both the steel supports and fabric of your structure, then carry out a detailed structural inspection, providing a full report to you when we’re done. And if any fabric, bolts or fixings need replacing we’ll do that for you too.

Canopy cleaning / maintenance