Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance Packages Tailored To Your Structure For Ultimate Peace Of Mind 

Climbing on canopy for maintenance work

Cleaning and maintenance are vital to maintain the quality of your fabric structure and to keep it covered under our 10-year warranty.

Fabric is by it’s very nature an organic medium and whilst our structures are highly engineered and designed to take everything the British weather can throw at them, without proper annual maintenance, even the strongest of structures can over time be damaged.

We recommend an annual inspection, clean and maintenance to ensure your fabric structure is kept at peak performance, robust against the elements and looking its best for many years to come.

We provide full cleaning & maintenance packages tailored to your specific structure or building. We can provide this service even if we didn’t originally design your fabric structure.

You can expect full servicing and cleaning of the steel structure and fabric. A detailed structural inspection with a report provided. Repairs and replacement of ageing / damaged fabric and or bolts / fixings as needed. Taking out a bespoke maintenance package tailored to your structure will give you ultimate peace of mind. 

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Canopy cleaning / maintenance
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